State-of-the-art tools for selection


Genomic selection is used in our maternal lines to increase the rate of genetic improvement.

The CG36 is selected using a variety of tools to create the best parent female possible.

Half of the genes that impact growth and carcass traits in the market pig come from the dam.  Because of this, it is important that these traits are included in the genetic program for the maternal lines, as well as the reproductive traits.

Feed intake, growth, and carcass traits are measured in the maternal lines.  Consumption patterns and behavioral traits are also measured as well as total feed consumed.

Feed efficiency is an example of a trait that benefits from the use of genomics because it is difficult to measure.  Other types of traits that also can be improved by genomics are those that are only expressed in one sex, that can only be observed late in the animal’s life, and those that are lowly heritable (that have a large environmental impact). The CG36 benefits from the use of this technology in the LAN and LWY lines.

A commitment from Groupe Grimaud.

The support of Groupe Grimaud’s research platform is a complementary asset in the use of innovative technologies enabling accelerated genetic progress. For example, 35 scientists in 25 research centers, processing and analyzing 8.5 terabytes of data, work daily for genetic improvement.

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