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Continuous Improvement for a Better PS Gilt

F1 female designed for mothering abilities including lifetime sow productivity, superior milking and easy to manage in group housing and crates.

Products > Paternal


A Solution Based Sire Line

Your Choice for Faster and More Efficient Growth and Greater Marker Value The P81 is designed to deliver a calm and robust pig capable of handling the most challenging of environments without sacrificing efficiencies (weight and cutability).


Defining Lean Growth Efficieny

The product of Choice Genetics' aggressive quantitative genetics program enhanced by careful marker-assisted selection, the EXM brings together valuable traits from across the portfolio of Choice boars into a unique and powerful package of robust lean growth efficiency. Choice Genetics researchers have leveraged the lean growth fueled efficiency of the sought-after EBX boar and combined it with the robustness, durability, and quality of the perennial performer, XM, to establish the EXM terminal sire as an option for pork producers.


Meet the P26 Duroc sire: the latest result of our core promise of “Delivering Value”. The P26 is the result of intensive application of computerized tomography (CT) technology. CT scanning gives us the ability to accurately estimate the entire body composition of a live animal’s muscle, fat and bone. The Choice Genetics selection index allows us to identify superior animals and to consistently deliver a full-market-value advantage for our customers.