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The wealth of more than 50 years of experience in swine genetic selection helps us supply industry leading service and products to our customers and partners.



The 1970s

Choice’s story is the fusion of two entrepreneurial narratives in swine genetics on both sides of the Atlantic. In the United States, DEKALB Swine Breeders was founded in 1971 and in France, Pen Ar Lan was founded in 1972; both supplying breeding stock adapted to the needs of the commercial producer open up to international growth.

Pen Ar Lan, a pillar of Choice's history




Late 1990s

Pen Ar Lan delivers pure line genetic to Brazil and breeding began for the genetic program in January 1997. The first breeding for multiplication is set up in Poland and commercial operations of Pen An Lan Poland begins in 1998.

Alliances and

early 2000s

In the United States, alliances and mergers are taking place. DEKALB Swine Breeders was acquired by Monsanto in 1999 forming Monsanto Choice Genetics. In 2007, Newsham purchased Monsanto Choice Genetics.

Creating a

since 2008

In 2008, Groupe Grimaud acquired the American company Newsham and in 2011, Pen Ar Lan joins Groupe Grimaud. The two swine genetics companies joined forces and created the Choice Genetics brand in 2013.

Aerial view of the headquarters of the Grimaud Group, of which Choice is a subsidiary

The power of a
United global

2018 to 2023

In 2018, Choice Genetics simply becomes “Choice.”

The overlapping activities of research and development, technical support and marketing are in alignment within four major areas of sales operations United States-Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, providing commercial momentum, relying on subsidiaries Choice USA, Choice France, Choice Brazil and Choice Poland for the production of genetic lines.

Choice team in a conference room



from 2023 onwards

In December 2023, the Axiom Group acquired Choice Genetics and its subsidiaries in Poland and Brazil.

This merger gave a new face to French genetics and established the Group as the one and only French leader. Thanks to this acquisition, the Axiom brand moves directly into the world’s top 5.

Choice team in a conference room
Grimaud Group Logo

Choice joins the axiom group!

Axiom Group acquires Choice Genetics France, Poland and Brazil.