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Choice names Graydon Bell as General Manager for USA

West Des Moines, IA – Choice is pleased to announce that on August 15th, 2022, Graydon Bell joined Choice US as the General Manager. Over the course of his professional career, Graydon has gained extensive...

High Performance and Sustainability

Choice has developed lines that are focused on both high performance and overall sustainability through long life and ease of management

Choice USA Reaches Genetic Milestone

The Choice parent sow, the CG36, is proving its value in commercial herds in many different countries today. The basis of this success is the genetic program used to improve the M3 Large White and...

en route to china

Choice proudly announces a successful charter of pig breeding stock shipped to China from France. After several exports in the past years from USA, another route is open to serve the Chinese market with Choice...

Choice to meet students

As part of the week dedicated to pig genetics for the adult training “Pork Specialization Contract” of IREO in Lesneven, Arnaud Guérin – Commercial Director and Morgane Pellen Commercial on the Finistère, were welcomed by...

Export to Hungary

The year ends in style for Choice with a delivery in Hungary of 2600 breeders. The Choice France and Choice Polska teams have joined forces. We are proud to have been chosen for the ease...