A boar with a chicken’s consumption index

1.54: this is the consumption index not of a chicken, but of the best EXCELIUM boar specially selected on the consumption index.

While the French average in production production is around 2.85, that of the total population of EXCELIUM animals is 2.10. This new record at 1.54 IC 30-115kg is a testament to the very sustained selection effort on the food efficiency of pig lines at CHOICE GENETICS. Food efficiency is the number one key to the Natural Concept.

The EXCELIUM boar was launched at SPACE 2017 and many users are won over. Sales are up 30 per quarter. Early users appreciate the good vigour of piglets in maternity wards. Thanks to this vigour, losses under mothers are well below average. The field results confirm that this boar is complete: it combines TMP, growth and excellent IC.

As a reminder, the consumption index (IC) is the amount of food ingested by an animal to gain one kilogram of live weight.

As of

23 / 04 / 2020

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