Caring for life 

Creating and developing high-performance and sustainable genetic solutions.

hands holding pieces of puzzle conceptualizing the choice genetics values


Innovative, differentiated products, and technical expertise allow us to offer you tailor-made solutions.

Choice is fully in line with the current dynamic of economic and societal sustainability of swine production. Choice’s new positioning: “Taking Care of Life” reflects our ambition and values.

This slogan expresses our vocation: “to serve the pork value chain” in 5 key areas: our Customers and Partners, our Teams, Animals, People, and the Planet.

Thomas De Bretagne,

hands holding pieces of puzzle conceptualizing the choice genetics values


Our role is to take care of

Caring for our customers and partners

Animal easy to manage

Movement of animals, minimal farrowing intervention, feeding programs, breeding management: we select our lines to provide you with a certain working comfort.

Daily support

Auditing your operations, evaluating production parameters, exchanging information, analyzing, recommending, implementing and monitoring of the progress plan: we are committed to your side.

Better technical and economic performance

Our researchers and technicians bring their expertise to optimize the expression of genetic potential, achieving the best profitability while meeting societal expectations.

The power of a global network

Our locations on 4 continents are a source of creativity, sharing experiences and know-how. There is bound to be an expert on your subject within our network..

Caring for our teams

Continuous training

Our teams are trained continuously in the latest technologies and advances in breeding technology. We are committed to bringing you the best know-how.

State-of-the-art tools, excellence in know-how

Genomics, RFID, imaging: In partnership with universities and research institutes, we use the latest generation and breakthrough technologies to stimulate the creativity of our teams.

Recruit the best and play as a team

Recruiting the best talent into our teams is a first step. Encouraging excellence through positive management and strong team cohesion are essential in our approach.

Caring for people

Meeting societal expectations with more ethical food

Our lines are specially selected to promote characteristics that are more respectful of the environment, animal welfare, and human health. Our technical experts will support you in setting up alternative solutions.

The pleasure of eating quality meat

To satisfy the consumer, our duty is to guarantee the taste quality of our products and meeting the needs of food safety.

Making animal protein accessible to more people

Food is at the heart of our health. 800 million people are malnourished. Faced with this challenge, we are working to feed an ever-increasing world population by producing a sustainable and health-friendly food that is accessible by all.

Caring for animals

No.1 in the market for maternal qualities

With an average of 16 functional teats and high volume of milk production, our maternal lines are known to be the best on the market and naturally guarantee a good start for piglets.

Better natural defenses, less antibiotics

Our genetic programs are geared towards the creation and development of naturally robust and resistant lines. This encourages a reduction in the use of antibiotics in livestock.

Quiet and sociable offspring

A good human to animal relationship and a calm and sociable behavior is a fundamental element of our selection programs through the use of sensors and digital technologies dedicated to these characteristics.

Care for the planet

Improving feed efficiency

Selecting animals that are feed efficient. This is the work done on a daily basis to reduce the environmental impact of pork production.

Preserving natural resources

Our efforts are aimed at reducing the carbon footprint in all possible areas of pork production. Our breeding efforts are focused on feed efficiency to preserve cultivatable land.

Supporting and developing sustainable livestock farming

We are an active member of the Natural Concept, and thus encourage companies in the pork industry to progress towards a more sustainable production system.

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Choice joins the axiom group!

Axiom Group acquires Choice Genetics France, Poland and Brazil.