More, heavier and more homogeneous at weaning

More than 220 lbs/100 kg litter weight at weaning.

The selection of prolificacy only makes sense if it is coupled with selection of milking ability. It is necessary to naturally farrow more and more litters. For producers, the goal is to have heavy and piglets equal in size at weaning facilitating a good start in the nursery. There has been an increase of 1.23 piglets weaned per sow over the last four years. The average weight of piglets increased from 16.3 to 16.9 lbs (28 days). At 28 days , the weight of the litter exceeds 220 lbs. Along with the number of weaned piglets, the weight of weaned piglets is also increasing. It’s another trait that Choice has succeeded in


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23 / 04 / 2020

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