Launch of the CG36 sow, a leader in maternal qualities


Choice’s objective? Shake up the industry by proposing a new sow designed to be economically efficient, environmentally viable, and socially responsible.

A pioneer in genetic selection, Choice stands out in the market with a multi-criterion differentiating approach. The global launch of the new CG36 gilt is fully in line with the current dynamics of the economic and societal sustainability of swine production. It is the expression of Choice’s new positioning: “Taking care of life.”

How does this translate into the new CG36 sow?

By its ethical side, preserving resources and promoting sustainable breeding. Why? Because the CG36 sow was created and selected to ask little and give a lot. A long productive lifetime, sound feet and legs, great robustness, and the lowest rate of sow loss in the industry. Because she naturally nurses her many piglets thanks to her highly developed maternal qualities. They were born to be weaned.

Piglets that grow without intervention.

Because of her economic advantages: lower replacement rate, reduced transport of replacement gilts, less
feed and veterinary products, piglets that grow up with a low level of human intervention in farrowing and become highly feed-efficient quality market animals.

These current and future major genetic advances are being accelerated by the support of Groupe Grimaud’s research platform (35 scientists and 12% investment of net profit invested in research and development) using the latest advanced technologies.

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