High Performance and Sustainability


Our lines are focused on high performance and sustainability

With a commitment to Caring For Life and the focus on breeding selection criteria over the past ten years, Choice has developed lines that are focused on both high performance and overall sustainability through long life and ease of management.

Aligned with our Caring for Life motto, we can attest that sustainability is defined as economically and socially responsible; a holistic and balanced approach to the genetic program that has led to the CG36 as the leading parent sow globally. 

Industry benchmarks and data available widely show the high economic losses and productivity losses from the early and unintended removal of females from the herd, a 4% increase in this are equating to 1 pig per sow per year less in some cases, or $1000 lost per individual sow.

The #CG36 and the balanced genetic program behind her allows producers to manage their herds efficiently and with high productivity with animal removal based on age or voluntary criteria, not unintended consequences. Our customers success is built through Groupe Grimaud’s Caring For Life vision for the genetic program.


Additional information

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