CG36: A new sow to “take care of life”


Choice’s new CG36 sow, is making progress on societal expectations and current economic challenges in swine production.

The selection criteria favored by the swine genetics team focused primarily on the natural abilities and maternal qualities of the sow. The results obtained after more than 4 years of research and development highlight a sow that naturally farrows her piglets thanks to maternal qualities and a highly developed milking ability.

A sow that is capable of producing a tremendous number of pigs in her lifetime (80 weaned piglets in total) and an unmatched robustness highlighted by customers who have tested her and who have the lowest sow mortality in the industry at less than 3% per year.

Economically, this robustness translates into a lower herd replacement rate and from an ecological point of view fewer cull sows to transport to market. In the end, piglets from the CG36 grow naturally with less human interference from the farrowing house through grow-finishing as feed-efficient market animals. The Choice team, which launched its new signature “Taking Care of Life” at the end of 2018, sees the CG36 as a full expression of its positioning.

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