Choice USA Reaches Genetic Milestone


Choice USA Reaches Genetic Milestone

The Choice parent sow, the CG36, is proving its value in commercial herds in many different countries today. The basis of this success is the genetic program used to improve the M3 Large White and M6 Landrace lines that are used in the creation of the CG36. Both lines are selected using their own unique index, designed to enhance the maternal performance of the parent sow in customer herds.

The progress is enhanced by the use of genomics as a component of our breeding program.

Since this technology allows a direct evaluation of the individual’s DNA, it allows the geneticists at Choice to make a more accurate estimate of each animal’s breeding value. This increase in accuracy results in even greater genetic improvement of the purebred lines every generation, which in turn is seen in increased performance of the parent stock females. This genomic advantage is especially important for traits that are lowly heritable or only expressed later in life, which includes those reproductive and maternal traits which make the CG36 an international favorite.

This technology is used in our nucleus herds worldwide. Relatively to the USA, each month, these samples are sent to a lab in France for analysis. Because of the close genetic ties between the French and US herds, the analysis includes data from the global Choice M6 Landrace population, which again increases the accuracy of the evaluation. The M6 Landrace boars currently being taken off test in the US are thus genotyped and this information is included in their genetic evaluations. This way, we can provide  better genetics to our clients worldwide.

Improvement of genetic progress by 20% per year

Genomics is important for the improvement of all traits, but especially those that are lowly heritable and difficult to measure. Number Born Alive (NBA) is that type of trait. This technology enables Choice to improve by 20% the genetic progress done per year on this trait. And the further good news is that it gives additional selection space: the other traits can keep evolving at the same pace as before, or even faster!

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