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Kicks off with Choice Argentina

On April 3, 2019, pig producers, customers and friends from the sector met in Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina, for the first International Swine Update Day.

Commercial technical director, the Med. Vet. Adrian Guillen opened the session by introducing the new Choice logo and tagline, Caring for Life. Then, Director for Business Development Latin America, Geert Rombouts, revealed updates on Choice solutions during his presentation, “The Genetics of the Future.” The Med. Vet. Jorge Brunori, national coordinator of swine production for INTA, continued with his presentation on the new paradigms of the National Swine Production. Geneticist Leticia Borges Joaquim, from Choice Brazil, ended the day with a presentation on the genetic and phenotypic evolutions of Naima (CG36), GP M6-Landrace (Redone) and P76 males, and an introduction to the new boar P81.

Via teleconference from Florianópolis, Brazil, attendees had the opportunity to listen to the general director of Agriness, commenting on the release of an essential software tool for efficient management of pig farms. This event highlighted Choice’s commitment to swine industry associates focused on caring for animals, our team, people, the planet and especially Choice customers!