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P81: A Solution Based Sire Line

Choice Genetics proudly introduces the P81 terminal sire. The P81 is the culmination of our proprietary program, uniquely capable of providing profit-oriented solutions. The methodology currently employed has led to a terminal sire with producer driven solutions incorporated from the genome to the consumer’s plate. We invite you to deviate from redundancy and repetition of lines; join us in pioneering profit with the P81 terminal sire.


The P81 is designed to deliver a robust pig capable of handling the most challenging of environments without sacrificing efficiencies (weight and cutability).


The journey towards the P81 began in 2013. Choice Genetics engaged producers within the swine industry as to the primary production issues in the available Duroc alternatives on the market. The consensus from those discussions was that a sire line free of defects, and able to excel in livability and maintain efficiency would match the demand in industry. Packer demands had changed, but producer’s penciled profit much the same. Initial P81 development began by establishing a process evolving the EBX line into the primary Duroc alternative on the market. The sire line population was analyzed and reduced, confirming elimination protocols for defect traits and establishing a new foundation.


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