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Some of you might have heard the term “GIGO” standing for “Garbage In – Garbage Out”. It is used by statisticians and geneticists who want to indicate that the quality of a statistical analysis will be unreliable (or “garbage”) if it is based on inaccurate (or “garbage”) input data.

This is no different for the EBV’s or Estimated Breeding Values in animal genetics. The EBV’s are calculated by complex software programs that process an enormous amount of input data consisting of pedigrees, performance data or phenotypes of the individual and its relatives, genomic information, etc,….. Only will the EBV be accurate if the input data are of high quality, meaning accurate. Accurate identification of the animals, accurate data collection, accurate data transfer and processing.

The rapid acceleration of the genetic progress during the past 4 years we see in Choice Genetics’ pure line populations is no coincidence but the result of a powerful genetic program founded on accurate input data.

We are proud to see that faster genetic progress on pure line level is being translated in a faster improvement of field performance as illustrated by the newChoice Genetics products: the Naima 2.0 and the terminal sire P26.

No coincidence but the illustration of the “QIQO-principle”: quality in – quality out. Enjoy this issue of our Newsletter.