News > Choice Genetics March 2017 Newsletter


In hindsight, our vision is always 20/20. But how clear is our company’s vision when it comes to the future? Clarifying that future vision as a team requires some focused work under a well-defined scheme and of course some creative minds. That’s why Groupe Grimaud’s Strategic Committee – headed by Fred Grimaud and consisting of divisions CEO’s and heads of transversal services – brainstormed during several days about our overall strategy in animal genetics in order to define our Vision 2020. We tried to answer questions like: What are the main competitive drivers of our business? What are the tendencies in society that should be taken into account when we define the company’s strategy? How are we – and will we – be different from our competitors? What is the optimal strategic framework for our company so that we can better serve our customers? We concluded that the following 4 pillars will support our strategic framework:

1- Product innovation and differentiation: Our breeding stock allows our customers to produce differentiated products. Our products –while remaining economically efficient – are quantifiably different from other products for traits related to meat quality, animal welfare and robustness.

2- The Genetech by Grimaud Platform (www.genetechbygrimaud. com), Genetic progress for differentiating traits is being accelerated thanks to the implementation of a combination of powerful technologies like imaging (CT), precision production, genomics, exchange –processing of big data.

3- The Natural Concept (natural-concept.fr) adopted by Groupe Grimaud companies under which efficient animal protein production goes hand in hand with sustainable production practices.

4- Innovation in customer relations: the relationship with our customers goes beyond the traditional supplier/buyer relationship and becomes more of a long term partnership where – apart from competitive products – information, know-how and data are exchanged and this to the mutual benefit.

The implementation of these 4 principles results in what we will refer to as “Augmented Genetics”. With the word “Augmented” – like in “Augmented Reality” – we reflect that – what we deliver to our customers – is more than just genetic products. Our relationship with our customer is more than the supplier/buyer relationship. Choice Genetics wants to go beyond the classical relations in order to better serve our customers. We are looking forward working with you. Enjoy this issue of our Newsletter.

Pieter Seghers, CEO