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gonzalo-martinezDr. Gonzalo Martinez
Choice Genetics USA is proud to welcome Dr. Gonzalo Martinez to the Choice  Genetics USA R&D  team. Dr. Martinez earned his PhD from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln,  and has extensive experience in livestock improvement. He is based in the West Des Moines office with his primary responsibility being the Choice Genetics Genetic Evaluation processes.

“We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Gonzalo Martinez to the Choice Genetics USA R&D team. Dr. Martinez earned his PhD at the University of Nebraska and has many year’s experience in the field of livestock improvement.  He will be based in the Des Moines office where he will be responsible for the Choice Genetics genetic evaluations and assisting with technical aspects of our growing Latin American business,” said James Rohl, Quantitative Genetics Lead.



Mr.Gu YapingMr. Gu Yaping

Mr. Gu Yaping graduated from Shanghai Agricultural University in 1985 and received his bachelor’s degree in animal science. He worked in a key role with Research Institute of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine of Shanghai Academy of Agriculture and PIC China for 24 years, and then joined COFCO, a state owned group corporation, as COO for 3 years. During his 30 years of experience working in pig industry, Mr. Gu has gained rich experience in swine genetic improvement, marketing, management of the large integrated pork chain system, team building, budget and strategic development. In August 2015, Mr. Gu joined Choice Genetics China as the General Manager. He said, “I am really proud of the opportunity to join a global swine breeding company. It will be a new start to my career, and I believe that with the support of the Choice Genetics global team and the effort of our local team, we will develop the best pigs with international standards for local market to provide the core value for our customers.”


Yao Yao NicoleYao Yao (Nicole)
Miss Yao graduated from University of La Verne in 2015, and received a master degree in Business Administration. Along with the experience in different marketing departments, Miss Yao is skilled both in online and offline marketing , excelling in event planning, online communities and social media platforms to increase brand awareness and boost brand loyalty. In September of 2015, Miss Yao joined Choice Genetics China to grow with the dynamic company. As a  marketing  assistant, her duties include brand promotion, designing marketing materials, market research, marketing activities and administration.


Wu LongjiWu Longji
Mr. Wu Longji, graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University in 2006, and received a bachelor’s degree in animal medicine. After graduation, he joined an international pig breeding company as production manager of a nucleus farm. During this period, Mr. Wu was in charge of 5 nucleus farms and gained a lot of experience in team building and daily production management. In August 2015, Mr. Wu joined Choice Genetics China as a supply chain director. His job duties include overseeing production, breeding pig selection, quality control and assurance, availability, and logistics of Choice Genetics China nucleus farms.