News > Choice Genetics USA Opens Paramount, A New Paternal Nucleus Farm

Paramount-Press-Release-CGUSAChoice Genetics USA (CGUSA) has established a new boar production nucleus farm. The entire facility has been built to the company’s specifications in order to create a unique and technically superior boar development and selection unit. CGUSA maintains the most sophisticated research technologies in the US swine industry. With an investment of over $2.5 million in specialized selection equipment, CGUSA leads all competitors, measuring the most accurate phenotypes and maximizing genetic improvement.

Paramount is located in a remote area of Missouri, and features:

  • Housing for 1,800 paternal line EBX and Duroc sows
  • NEDAP Pig Performance Testing (PPT) feeders
  • A proprietarily designed computed tomography (CT) barn

paramountThis PPT feed recording system, the first in the US, monitors daily growth, feeding events and feed consumption. Data from the PPT feeders shows which animals perform best; therefore, enabling continuous, simple and accurate optimization of genetics.

The uniquely-designed CT barn provides capacity to scan 500 pigs per week. This site, along with CT scanning at CGUSA’s maternal nucleus, places Choice Genetics as the lone genetics company employing this level of CT technology in both male and female genetic lines anywhere in the world. Ultrasound measurements and prediction equations have become obsolete, while applied CT technologies dramatically enhance lean gain per day performance in the CGUSA lines.

“Paramount is an illustration of CGUSA leading innovation through investments in selection tools that deliver more value to our customers today and support rigorous improvement for the future. The combination of extensive CT scanning and the ct NEDAP PPT feeders is the most powerful tool to date to maximize genetic improvement in lean/fat accretion and feed efficiency. We are also excited to announce that we will be starting a new maternal nucleus farm project in 2016 to incorporate many new genetic selection concepts from a maternal/mothering ability standpoint,” said Dr. Derek Petry, Choice Genetics USA CEO and Global Director of R&D.