News > Brand Value: Sakamoto Farms 50th Anniversary

Sakamoto Jim Schirmer

Kazuhiko Sakamoto and Jim Schirmer at the Warzwein retail store.

If you think about it, a brand is really a promise. Brands, and the products offered underneath the brand, are developed to convey certain standards of quality, of processes used, or even reasons behind the company. Sakamoto Farm has adopted and accelerated this marketing principle and Choice Genetics, along with our distributor CF East Japan, are proud to have a part in their great success.

Pieter Seghers

Kicho Hashimoto (CFE Pres), Pieter Seghers, and Kazuhiko Sakamoto with some branded premium pork in a supermarket

Sakemoto Farm was established in 1965 by Hideo  Sakamoto, the father of current company President Kazuhiko Sakamoto, for the production of pigs in their local Japanese market. As control of the farm passed between generations, he desired to capture more value and to move beyond pig production into pork production then went even further along the food chain and blossomed into a multi- segment branding effort.

In 1991, they started production of ham and sausages, products new to and not yet widely desired in the Japanese market, under the brand  name of Warzwein.   The business  grew  through restaurant placement and a retail shop but the most rapid growth came when they started their online business with countrywide distribution.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 3.16.47 PM copyIn 2004 they began working with CF East Japan as their genetics partner to help improve production and quality. Soon after, they realized they were now producing something special and embarked on a new project to capture even more value; a fresh pork brand. Busyu-ton is the Sakamoto Farm premium brand for pork sold in regional supermarkets and in fine dining restaurants in Tokyo.

The Busyu-ton brand is the Sakamoto promise to their consumers of production standards and superior meat quality. Katsuyuki and Ryutaro Sakamoto have joined their father in Sakamoto Farms and the expansion of their brands.

Congratulations to Sakamoto Farms on their 50th anniversary.