The three Choice Genetics R&D departments met in West Des Moines, IA for their annual “Genetic Review”. Teams of geneticists from Choice Genetics France and Choice Genetics USA were present for the event, as was Dr. Fu, representing the new subsidiary: Choice Genetics China. Olivier Demeure, Groupe Grimaud’s Chief Scientific Officer, was also present to lend his scientific expertise and cover the cross-species dimension.

The two-day event was an opportunity to assess the general targets for Choice Genetics’ commercial products, set during the company’s last product review. This information was then used to specify the positioning and direction of the paternal and maternal lines.

The teams also grappled with a wide variety of other themes in R&D: resistance through disease tolerance, genetic environment interaction through use of commercial data for selection, carcass composition using computed tomography, and maternal abilities by monitoring sows. The longer term outlook for reproductive selection and application for intestinal flora were also covered.

Improved feed efficiency is a major objective in a context where a growing number of clients evaluate the score of our male and female lines before using the product. To this end, in two days following the event, company representatives attended the International Conference on Feed Efficiency in Omaha, NE.

“This is always an exciting annual event for our international R&D effort as we discuss direction and genetic advancement. Many concepts and markets are discussed and this gives us a chance to improve our products for those markets,” said Dr. Derek Petry, Choice Genetics USA CEO and Global Director of R&D.