News > Choice Genetics USA Hosts International Meeting

June 5, 2015 – Choice Genetics employees, subsidiaries and distributors traveled from all over the world to attend the annual Choice Genetics international meeting. More than 50 attendees from around the globe met in West Des Moines to hear presentations about the company’s progress, future plans and the industry as a whole. The meeting was planned during the same week as the World Pork Expo, held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, so that guests could also enjoy the swine-centric event.

Speakers included: Pieter Seghers, CEO– Choice Genetics; Derek Petry, Ph.D., MBA, CEO Choice Genetics USA and Global Director of R&D – ; Cédric Pincent, head of R&D – Choice Genetics France ; Roger Johnson, Director of Applied Genetics – Choice Genetics USA; Joel Phelps, President – Great Lakes Pork, Inc., Strategic Planning and Project Development – Choice Genetics USA; Chris Rademacher, DVM – Iowa State University Extension Veterinarian; Donald Malcolm, Production Service Specialist, Health and Technical Services – Choice Genetics USA; Jim Schirmer, Director of Business Development in Asia – Choice Genetics.

The highlights of the R&D talk by Dr. Petry and Mr. Pincent included: maximizing ‘Sow Lifetime Productivity’, improving feed conversion, enhancing carcass composition and improving percentage of full value pigs.

Roger Johnson spoke about current market trends and carcass composition in some of Choice Genetics’ target markets.

Joel Phelps focused on the pork production trends occurring in North America including USA and Canada producers, packer processors, performance metrics and current issues.

Dr. Chris Rademacher, DVM, was a guest speaker, talking about PEDV and what could be learned from the outbreak.

Don Malcolm gave a presentation about moving genes around the world, highlighting some of the advances in the practice.

Jim Schirmer wrapped up the scheduled presentations with a discussion of Choice Genetics’ Asian path. Choice Genetics is proud of the relationships in the countries of Japan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines.

At the closing of the meeting, it was announced that the group was invited to attend the next meeting in Argentina, August 2016.

The meeting was paired with a week of events, which were kicked off with a Barbeque at Jim Schirmer’s residence in Indianola. Attendees spent time at the World Pork Expo on Thursday, June 4th, vising the various vendors’ displays, including Choice Genetics’. Group leisure time was also planned, including dinners at the Iowa Beef Steakhouse and the Des Moines Savery Hotel. The week wrapped up with shopping and a trip to an Iowa Cubs baseball game on Saturday, June 6th.