News > Choice Genetics Poland Continues Expansion into Ukraine Market

ukraine Market choice geneticsIn December 2014, Choice Genetics Poland, in cooperation with its sister company, Choice Genetics France, populated a new farm located in Kamenka Buzka, Ukraine. The farm, which belongs to the Ukrainian company EKO MIT, has been stocked with 1,200 high-health gilts. This is the second operation of this kind in recent years.

“Our partnership with the Ukrainian company has been very successful so far,” says Stanisław Niemyjski, President of the Board at Choice Genetics Poland. “Our Ukrainian partners generate high performance figures. They are well respected in the local market and seen as the pioneers of high-quality parent gilt multiplication.”

The EKO MIT company of the Lviv region has been working with Choice Genetics Poland for several years, marketing its breeding stock within the region. In 2012, one of the EKO MIT farms was populated with 450 GP sows. The high quality of animals, paired with the growing demand in the local market, led to yet another investment project in December 2014: a brand new, state-ofthe-art multiplication farm of 1,200 sows.

Niemyjski comments, “Due to the local problems with the ASF virus, exporting animals from Poland was impossible. So we decided to stock the farm in partnership with Choice Genetics France. The project’s scale and stocking schedule required both parties to act very diligently.”

The process of selecting the appropriate genetic lines for the multiplication program was based on defined breeding objectives, demand analysis, specifics of the Ukrainian market and advice of both Polish and French genetics specialists.

As a result, EKO MIT has been populated with 500 head of Naïma sows, well known for exceptional fertility and reproductive performance, and 700 head of GP Gallia gilts with well developed reproductive qualities. For the implementation of the commercial production, 11 head of P76 boars, who are valued for fast growth and robustness, have been added, along with four head of GPF Redone boars, best known for their maternal qualities.

The animals were delivered in six trucks, adapted for the transportation of animals with SPF sanitary status.

“From a bio-security standpoint, the location of the new farm is excellent,” says Niemyjski. “It is very well equipped for multiplication, as the farm employs experienced experts and utilizes the newest technology. These factors are vital for Choice Genetics. Naïma gilts destined for the Ukrainian market will be produced here. The Naïma, due to its great popularity in Europe, remains the strategic product in the company’s portfolio and a trademark for Choice Genetics.”