About Choice Genetics

Choice Genetics is the global leader in swine genetics operating on four continents to support pork producers seeking the highest in efficiency, performance, and value.

Choice Genetics is part of Groupe Grimaud, one of the largest multi-species company in the world. Choice Genetics has subsidiaries in the USA, France, Germany, Poland, Canada, Brazil, Vietnam and China along with distributors around the world. Choice Genetics employs unique ideas in innovation that emphasize unique phenotype traits that deliver market superior breeding stock.

Choice Genetic Products

Choice Genetics holds a strong dedication towards a unique innovation platform that engages in extensive R&D. Our investments in cutting-edge science and technology bring to the market a superior product. Our unique selection platform currently includes measurement for feed efficiency, individually and in family groups, whole genome selection, selection for disease tolerance, and indexes that maximize margin.

The addition of CT technology to our genetic evaluation platform allowing for scanning males and females at heavy North American market weights allows Choice Genetics to lead in advancement for the total value in commercial pigs.