Parental Sow NAÏMA2.0


In 2017 Choice Genetics France saw an increase of 17.6% in sales of the parental sow NAIMA2.0 in France ! [+]

Newsletter – June 2017


  THE “QIQO – PRINCIPLE”: QUALITY IN…QUALITY OUT. Some of you might have heard the term “GIGO” standing for “Garbage In – Garbage Out”. It is used by statisticians and geneticists who want to indicate that the quality of a statistical analysis will be unreliable (or “garbage”) if it is based on inaccurate (or “garbage”) [+]

Choice Genetics Brazil Farm Gets Visit from Employee’s Children


After attending a lecture by Márcio Fernandes, president of Elektro Electricity and Services, during the XVI National Seminar Development of Swine organized in July by the ABCS, Choice Genetics has decided to put into practice some of the principles presented. In his presentation “Happiness Makes a Profit,” Márcio Fernandes showed how a work environment based [+]