CHINA: Hanswine’s second nucleus farm is ready for operation


China: Hanswine’s second nucleus farm is ready for operation      The Guigang nucleus farm in Guangxi province is ready for operation. It is Hanswine’s second nucleus farm in China. It is situated on a 130 acre plot of land and can accommodate more than 3000 sows. The farm is located in Sun mountain area [+]

P81: A Solution Based Sire Line


P81: A Solution Based Sire Line Choice Genetics proudly introduces the P81 terminal sire. The P81 is the culmination of our proprietary program, uniquely capable of providing profit-oriented solutions. The methodology currently employed has led to a terminal sire with producer driven solutions incorporated from the genome to the consumer’s plate. We invite you to [+]

Choice Genetics June 2018 Newsletter


    CUSTOMERS ALWAYS AT THE CENTER OF OUR ATTENTION Over the last 8 months, the Choice Genetics management team has been working intensively on a strategic plan for the coming 5 years, “Stage 2022”. The plan was presented to the Choice Genetics board who gave the green light for its implementation. During the coming [+]

Choice Genetics June 2017 Newsletter


  THE “QIQO – PRINCIPLE”: QUALITY IN…QUALITY OUT. Some of you might have heard the term “GIGO” standing for “Garbage In – Garbage Out”. It is used by statisticians and geneticists who want to indicate that the quality of a statistical analysis will be unreliable (or “garbage”) if it is based on inaccurate (or “garbage”) [+]

Choice Genetics Brazil Farm Gets Visit from Employee’s Children


After attending a lecture by Márcio Fernandes, president of Elektro Electricity and Services, during the XVI National Seminar Development of Swine organized in July by the ABCS, Choice Genetics has decided to put into practice some of the principles presented. In his presentation “Happiness Makes a Profit,” Márcio Fernandes showed how a work environment based [+]