The Choice Genetics Innovation Platform

Choice Genetics employs value-driven innovations, on a unique selection platform, bringing to market superior products that deliver the best Total Value compared to alternatives.


1. Focus on Feed Efficiency

Improving feed efficiency by directly measuring both individuals and family groups for social competitive effects.

15-02-26 CG EBX Line Brochure

2. Computed Tomography(CT)


Faster genetic progress in carcass value and feed efficiency through increased accuracy of selected candidates scanned at heavy North American market weights.


3. Disease Tolerance Technology

Enhanced performance under disease challenge:

  • Robust ADG
  • Lower mortality
  • Fewer culls & lights
  • More full-value pigs sold


4. Selecting for Sow Lifetime Productivity

  • Increased number born live above a minimum birth weight
  • Maximum annual reproductive productivity/throughput
  • Emphasis on lifetime performance
  • Longevity, lower replacement rate, lower death loss
  • Piglets off to a better start in wean to finish barns


5. Whole Genome Selection

Transition from Marker Assisted Selection to Whole Genome Selection providing significant increase in prediction accuracy.