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Enhanced by Proprietary Computed Tomography Technology

Your Choice for Faster and More Efficient Growth and Greater Marker Value EBX terminal sires from Choice Genetics produce progeny that obtain full market value faster than the competition. No need to sacrifice leanness, fast growth or full market value to get the results you're after. The EBX continues to live up to its reputation as the market leader. EXPECTED ‘COMMERCIAL MARKET PIG’ GAINS EACH GENERATION


Defining Lean Growth Efficieny

The product of Choice Genetics' aggressive quantitative genetics program enhanced by careful marker-assisted selection, the EXM brings together valuable traits from across the portfolio of Choice boars into a unique and powerful package of robust lean growth efficiency. Choice Genetics researchers have leveraged the lean growth fueled efficiency of the sought-after EBX boar and combined it with the robustness, durability, and quality of the perennial performer, XM, to establish the EXM terminal sire as an option for pork producers.