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Delivering Value Today and Tomorrow with the New Duroc Terminal Sire P26


Choice Genetics is proud to introduce the P26 Duroc terminal sire; the latest result of our core promise of “Delivering Value”. The P26 is the result of intensive application of Choice Genetics’ other core promise of “Leading Innovation” which included significant population adjustments, index changes focused on lean muscle growth, and Choice Genetics’ advanced and [+]

Choice Genetics June 2017 Newsletter


  THE “QIQO – PRINCIPLE”: QUALITY IN…QUALITY OUT. Some of you might have heard the term “GIGO” standing for “Garbage In – Garbage Out”. It is used by statisticians and geneticists who want to indicate that the quality of a statistical analysis will be unreliable (or “garbage”) if it is based on inaccurate (or “garbage”) [+]

Choice Genetics March 2017 Newsletter


VISION 2020 In hindsight, our vision is always 20/20. But how clear is our company’s vision when it comes to the future? Clarifying that future vision as a team requires some focused work under a well-defined scheme and of course some creative minds. That’s why Groupe Grimaud’s Strategic Committee – headed by Fred Grimaud and [+]

Dr. Chad A. Stahl joins Choice Genetics USA


Choice Genetics USA is pleased to announce that Dr. Chad A. Stahl has joined the team as Director of Innovation and Strategic Value.  Dr. Stahl earned his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri in Meat Science/Muscle Biology and previously worked as the owner of FACTS (Food Animal Consultation & Testing Services).  He will be based [+]