News > NAÏMA 2.0: A sow with exceptional maternal qualities produces market hogs that perform

A feed company in France published a benchmark comparison showing multiple farms using multiple maternal genetics. Seven of these farms are using the Naïma 2.0 female, and all are using the same feed. The Naïma 2.0 provides an economic advantage of more than 200€/sow/year. The tables below show that Naïma 2.0 is an extremely competitive sow not only in areas of prolificacy by marketing more animals/sow/year, but also in terms of growth and feed conversion of the market hogs she produces.

NAÏMA 2.0 produces more market hogs/sow/year with a heavier weaning weight, a higher ADG, and a lower feed conversion when compared to competitors. Research has shown that a higher wean weight will result in a better overall average daily gain from wean to market.

The pigs from Naïma 2.0 are experiencing better growth than the other genetics. This performance along with the better feed conversion is achieved with lower percent mortality which contributes to more full value market pigs per year. The data confirms the progress of NAÏMA 2.0 offspring in France for important traits. Indeed, the ADG and FCR from weaning to market (8 to 115 kg) for the top 30 percent producers has progressed significantly. They are achieving an ADG of 730g/day while nearing a 2.40 feed conversion. This has also translated into the quality of the market hog carcass.

The percentage of lean has evolved positively in spite of the notable increase in the weight of slaughter hogs and reaches 61.3 percent lean for the top 33 percent of farms. This evolution is confirmed by the 2017 data, which show Naïma 2.0 offspring in the top grading compared to the average UNIPORC for an equivalent weight.