News > Delivering Value Today and Tomorrow with the New Duroc Terminal Sire P26

Choice Genetics is proud to introduce the P26 Duroc terminal sire; the latest result of our core promise of “Delivering Value”.

The P26 is the result of intensive application of Choice Genetics’ other core promise of “Leading Innovation” which included significant population adjustments, index changes focused on lean muscle growth, and Choice Genetics’ advanced and proprietary selection methods including computerized tomography (CT) technology that have been utilized in our nucleus farms since 2013.

CT scanning allows an accurate estimate of the entire body composition of the live animal – muscle, fat and bone.  Utilizing these data after initially having emphasized carcass yield, the Choice Genetics selection index allows to identify superior animals which has resulted in the P26.

More recently, old feed intake recording stations were replaced by brand new NEDAP stations in order to accurately measure the amount of feed consumed by animals during the test period.  These results are being incorporated into the selection index to improve growth and feed conversion while continuing to improve carcass composition; just one more way our innovation helps create greater value for our customers.

The P26 Duroc; promises kept.

Combining fast growth, excellent feed efficiency and carcass composition with superior meat quality.