News > Choice Genetics Brazil and Choice Genetics Argentina Partner to Make Continuous Genetic Improvement

In January 2015 Choice Genetics Brazil transported Gallia pure line boars to Choice Genetics Argentina. The boars originated from a nucleus farm located in Espírito Santo do Pinhal, São Paulo. They passed a mandatory period in an official quarantine of SENASA, and were submitted to

all tests required. After clearance, the animals were introduced into Choice Genetics Argentina’s nucleus farm. In order to make constant genetic improvement, Choice Genetics Argentina has been regularly importing pure line stock with the highest genetic potential from the

farm in Espírito Santo do Pinhal. Our priority is to respect the very

strict biosecurity protocols for live animal deliveries. Among other practices, we use closed trailers for transport in order to protect the health and comfort of the animals during the journey.

Six years after the start-up, Choice Genetics Argentina has achieved 20% of the market share with an impressive growth path. Choice Genetics Argentina manages five selection and multiplication farms, mainly for the production of Naïma gilts. Demand for the Naïma gilt continues to increase as more producers spread the news about the Naïma performance in recently built, modern farms, as well as in older farms.